Bloody Knees “Not Done”! I’m In LOVE!

Captain’s Log 420-ILBK:

i love stumbling upon new music on YouTube! i saw a notification to check out the new track from Bloody Knees. i pulled it up in a different tab, so i could come back to it. wanted to hear some older tracks of theirs first. I looked up their “Stitches” EP. HOLY COW. This is great alternative music! it’s a bit punkish and grungy at times too!  I’m now hooked and want to see them live! I want to know more about them for sure. I’m listening to “Bed Tomb” right now as i’m typing. My god, these guys know how to write FIRE! I wanted to share their newest track with you. Give it a listen! I love it! Hope you do too! Happy New Music MONDAY!


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